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Holiday Accessory Essential List

Summer Holidays Essentials List

Before you pack up and go I’m happy to provide you with my view on a Summer holidays essentials list.

I love holidaying in warmer climates as it doesn’t entail too much packing or bulk. Really all you need is swimwear and selection of light clothing and cover ups, shorts and tops

What else do we need for the holiday?

Good Quality Sunglasses
Eye protection is mandatory against the harsh sun in places where the sun’s rays are the most intense. This includes countries in South America, Africa, Maldives and Indonesia. So make sure you pack a pair of sunglasses that protect you from UVA and UVB light. Lens category 3 sunglasses, for high sun-glare reduction and good UV protection and are ideal for Summer holidays or everyday wear anywhere you Holiday or at Home.

Small Backpack
Backpacks serve several purposes whilst travelling. They are a great carry-on bag on flights as they keep your hands free whilst dealing with the check-in process, security and immigration checks. They are also better for our posture and back, as the weight is evenly distributed across our upper backs, rather than just one shoulder. Once you arrive at your destinations they can be used as a beach bag, on excursions and hikes, to carry your essentials in.

Digital SLR Camera
One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was a good digital SLR camera. They do take the best quality photos of your holidays and are reasonably compact and lightweight to carry. Plus the cameras do all the work for you! Just set the camera on automatic setting and your photos will turn out perfectly every time.

Sun Hat & Sunscreen
This goes without saying, but you truly must pack a wide brim hat of some description to protect your face from the harsh sun and you must also apply sunscreen during your Summer holiday. The sun is intense near the equator and your skin can burn easily and rapidly – within 10 minutes even! The SPF 50+ rated sunscreens provide the best sun protection and don’t forget to reapply after you’ve had a dip in the water.

Cover Ups & Sarongs
In accordance with “slip, slop, slap”, take a couple of lightweight cotton cover-ups or sarongs for when you have been exposed to the sun for prolonged hours. They are also great for slipping on after a few hours at the beach and going into restaurants or bars and browsing the shops and markets. Sarongs are such a versatile addition to your holiday wardrobe as they can be worn is various ways. Use them to cover your shoulders, shade the sun off your face, wrap them around as a skirt, make a dress from them or wear as a scarf or shawl,short sleeved lightweight tops for men are ideal for when you need to cover up but want to stay cool .

Comfortable Footwear
Wearing comfortable footwear is something that is important to me these days as I hate getting sore feet or blisters when I’m doing a lot of walking during holidays. There is a great range of sandals , flip flops and light material shoes available now that not only look stylish but provide good foot support. You only need to go to a sports store or specialist orthotic footwear store to buy a pair and they are worth every penny.

Packing for a Summer holiday is easy when you know that the weather is going to be warm and you won’t need bulky Winter woollies. Plus if you travel to somewhere like Bali or Thailand you can almost take an empty suitcase and fill it up with bargain clothing whilst you’re there. The shopping is extremely cheap in these destinations. But most importantly enjoy every minute of your Summer holiday by packing the right type of essentials..
These are just a few of the items i suggest as a bare minimum i am sure you can think of many more…..

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